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NNBCR kick-off meeting in Gothenburg

Agenda for the NNBCR kick-off meeting in Gothenburg

Monday 21/9


09.20-09.40                     Gathering and “Fika” at Arvid Carlsson salen, Medicinareg. 3


Session 1,                        Chairs: Tommy Martinsson and Bengt Hallberg

Talks are 15 min., + 5 min discussion


09.50-10.00,                    Tommy Martinsson welcomes us and summarizes NNBCR, goals and targets


10.00-10.10,                    Presentations of participants


10.10-10.30,             NGS in neuroblastoma – The Gothenburg experience.

Susanne Fransson (group TM)


10.30-10.50,                    Inhibition of Rho kinase represses neuroblastoma growth by inducing differentiation and MYCN degradation.

Malin Wickström (JIJ)


10.50-11.10,                    Analysis of somatic structural alterations and their influence on gene expression in diverse human cancers.

Babak Alaei-Mahabad (EL)


11.10-11.30,                    The PPM1D encoded WIP1 phosphatase is a novel oncogene and potential therapeutic target in neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma.

Jelena Milosevic (PK)


11.30-11.50,             6p22 lncRNAs and neuroblastoma.

Tanmoy Mondal, (CK)


11.50-12.10,             CNK, a downstream target of ALK.

Georg Wolfstetter (RP)



12.10-13.30                     Lunch at “Lyktan”




Session 2,                        Chairs: Erik Lekholm and Chandrasekhar Kanduri


13.30-13.50,             PF-06463922 is a superior drug in a NB setting.

Jikui Guan (BH)


13.50-14.10,             ALK gene mutation in Neuroblastoma.

Niloufar Javanmardi (TM)


14.10-14.30,                    COX/mPGES- 1/PGE2 pathway depicts an inflammatory dependent high-risk neuroblastoma subset available for novel specific anti-inflammatory treatment.

Anna Kock (PK)


14.30-14.50,             Negative selection during tumor evolution.

Jimmy van den Eynden (EL)



14.50-15.10                     Coffee   



Session 3,                        Chairs: Per Kogner and Ruth Palmer


15.10-15.30,                    Targeting suppressive myeloid cells in neuroblastoma augments checkpoint blockade therapy.

Nina Eissler (JIJ)


15.30-15.50,                    Characterization of potential tumor suppressor on chromosome 17.

Kankadeb Mishra (CK)


15.50-16.10,             AP-26113, a player on the neuroblastoma field.

Joachim Siaw (BH)


16.10-16.30,            A Fam-tastic activator of ALK.

Ruth Palmer (RP)


16.30-16.50,             Discussions and Conclusions



Check in HOTEL             Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget 10



19.00-                                Dinner at restaurant “El Corazon”, Kungstorget


Tuesday 22/9


Departure at own time.



09.00-13.00                     NNBCR PI meeting,

at Stina Stenhagen conf. room, Medicinaregatan 3,


First discussion regarding 12th of November, 2015 and future planning. Tommy will lead this


10.00                                 Coffee



12-ish                                Lunch at Lyktan – the end.